Qanba Dragon Fightstick - PS4/PS3/PC Internal Joystick Access LED Accent Touchpad Mouse Dimension 20 x 12.5 x 5 Wieght 11.6 lbs

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Product Description

Qanba Dragon Fightstick PS4/PS3/PC Sanwa LED Button Fightstick

(Probably will Deliver around 3 - 7 July )

With a host of contemporary features wrapped in an exquisite design, Qanba's all-new Dragon Fightstick will redefine your perception of "Luxury Collector Fightstick".

Form Follows Function

The prototype model was shown at EVO 2014, which at the time was colored full red and of course, did not have the detailed features of this official launch product.  Thus far, those who have set their eyes on this fight stick have nothing but praises for it as they have done a marvelous job designing this inside and left no detail untouched.

Looking at photos of the Qanba Dragon, you're left with a stunning example of no-compromise hardware inside and out.  At 22 inches long, and bathed in a sleek black, white and red highlight theme, this Fightstick has a commanding presence, and certain to turn heads the moment you present it to tournament players.  That said, the Dragon possesses a robust list of features that proves it's just as much a workhorse as other models.  Authentic Sanwa joystick and pushbuttons are installed - arguably the standard in tournament play, anti-slip bottom padding keeps table top play solid, reinforced fabric cord prevents fraying over time with easy unrolling via its metal cable management in back.  PS4 touchpad is available for quick SFV practice mode resets. For SHMUP fans, Turbo mode keeps the bullets firing.

Make no mistake: Dragon has all of the essentials you'll need for solid play, with a gorgeous interior and exterior that makes this one of Qanba's finest models to date. 



    Officially licensed Sony product

    PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC compatible

    X-input, Direct input

    Reinforced fabric Braided USB cord

    LED accent lighting Throughout

    Microphone port

    Joystick opens up for access for storage or customization or interior access

    Anodized metal studs for USB cord management

    Touchpad Mouse (PS4 Mode)

    Metal chrome ball top

    Sanwa JLF stick (square restrictor gate)

    Sanwa buttons

    Dragon scale themed interior design

    Brushed metal panels

    LED interior lighting

    TURBO and MODE buttons 

    LED indicators for MODE and TURBO

    Anti-slip bottom pad

    Anodized metal USB cable management

    USB wired cord compartment

    Weight: 11.6 lbs

    Dimensions: 20" x 12.5" x 5"


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