Qanba Crystal Fightstick - PS4/PS3/PC Touchpad LED Joystick and pushbuttons Dimension 17 x 11 x 5 Wieght 7.25 lbs

Model: 764210998013

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Product Description

Qanba Crystal represents qanba entry to the mid-level, tournament-ready Fightstick market. Priced competitively to many existing contenders, the Crystal is both pretty to observe, and powerful to use. 

Light 'Em Up

The Crystal is an eye-pleasing piece of kit, further enhanced with a fetching LED display for joystick and pushbuttons.  The cool blue LEDs shine with three unique glow modes.
PS4's Touch Pad Included

The Qanba Crystal sports proprietary LED lighting for the joystick and the pushbutton area. The control panel is spacious allowing ample hand space for those who like to rest their hands comfortably on the surface.  Magnetic door hides the usb cable.  See below for other details / features. 

The Crystal comes with a bevy of attributes, including the SFV training room-friendly touch pad for easy resets


    Officially Licensed Sony PS4 Product
    PS4 / PS3 / PC (with Direct and X-Input)
    Qanba LED joystick and LED lighted 30mm pushbuttons
    Touchpad (PS4 Mode)
    Carrying Handle
    Wired USB cord housed behind a magnetic door
    Square gate
    TURBO and MODE buttons with LED indicators
    Anti-slip bottom pad
    Translucent plastic casing
    Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 5" (Inches)
    Weight: 7.25 lbs (Actual Product Weight)
    Shipping Weight (Including Outer Box) 13.00 lbs


 Qanba Crystal Fightstick Unboxing and Review by HurtboxTV