Qanba Obsidian Fightstick - PS4/PS3/PC Aluminum Alloy Side LED Accent Touchpad Mouse Dimension 18 x 10 x 5 Wieght 6.6 lbs Fights

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Qanba Obsidian Fightstick - PS4/PS3/PC  

(Probably will Deliver around 3 - 7 July )



Qanba Obsidian Fightstick

Qanba recently introduced the attractive, LED joystick and button enabled Crystal, and the stunning "luxury competition" appearance that characterizes the Dragon.  Their latest creation - the Obsidian for Sony Playstation 4™ and Playstation 3™ - may represent the best of both worlds.


Sleek Visuals


The Obsidian's simple, graceful lines and blue accents definitely lend toward its sophisticated design.  On its brushed metal case, there is little in the way of flair - everything is cleanly arranged for easy accessibility during tense gameplay, with little to distract you from the action onscreen.  The front control panel slopes gently downward, with plenty of space under buttons and joystick to rest your wrists. The 10 foot fabric-reinforced USB cable is stored in the back via a hinged door.  Additionally, the function control panel is organized with PS Guide, Share, Turbo, Mode, L3, R3, Options, and "LED" button to turn off and on the included LED accent lighting positioned on both sides of the enclosure.


Rounding out its tournament-ready qualifications are broad, anti-slip pads that line the bottom left and right of the Fightstick case.


The Sanwa Standard, PS4/PS3 and PC compatibility


 Simple lines do not at all compromise Obsidian's tournament potential.  Inside each unit sports an authentic Sanwa joystick and pushbuttons, arguably considered the standard for most fighting game players.  A PS4/PS3/PC switch is smartly positioned right on the function control panel, offering effortless switching between consoles.  Behind the Obsidian, a full size PS4 touchpad is present for training mode resets and similar functions for games such as Street Fighter V, and additional functionality that usually requires a pad. 



Officially licensed Sony product

PlayStation 4 compatible

PlayStation 3 compatible

PC compatible

X-input and Direct input drivers

Wired USB cord

Aluminum Alloy Side Panels

LED Accent Lighting (Can be turned off)

Sanwa JLF joystick

Sanwa OBSF 30mm buttons

Touchpad Mouse

Turbo Functionality

Anti-slip Bottom Padding

3.5mm Headphone Port

8.8 FT Hard Wired USB Cable

Metal ball top

Weight: 6.6 lbs

Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 5" (Inches)

Package wieight 7 lbs



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