QanBa Q4 RAF fightstick PS3/Xbox/PC 3 in 1 Joystick Original Sanwa Limited white fightstick


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Product Description


QanBa Q4 RAF PS3/Xbox/PC 3 in 1 Joystick Original Sanwa Limited white

Product Parameters

QanBa Q4 PS3/XBOX360/PC Arcade Joystick Original Sanwa



Original Sanwa Joystick(JLF-TP-8YT-SK)




Original Sanwa Buttons (OBSF-30-W)


Button map:

SELECTPSSTARTMODETURBO 8 funcation buttons (Vewlix type order)


Frame Body:

Pure white ABS box body

 Fixed mode:

6 non-slip pad



Package size:

45.5cm x 42.5cm x 33.5cm



Product features

1.Beautiful ABS box body, more comfortable while playing game

2.Storage compartment for efficient cable management

3.Integrated headset port for use with XBOX LIVE & PS NETWORK

4.Turbo button can use on STG Games FTG Games

5.Mode button use on some PC Emu Games set

6.Compatible with PS3&XBOX360 thick/thin machines, desktop computers, notebook. At PS3 mode Windows2000/XP/VISTA/7 system will automatically recognize the joystick;XBOX360 mode WindowsVISTA/7 system will automatically recognize the joystick, Windows2000/XP must setup microsoft joypad dirver

7.Have a black handle on the top of body case, you can move it easier

8.Internal entire post thrust line design,you can upgrade components by yourself


Support games

AllPS3/XBOX games

FTGMarvel Vs Capcom 3Arcana Heart 3Super Street Fighter 4Virtua Fighter 5Tekken 6BlazBlue CS
Death Smiles 2XRaiden 4

All PC games

Street Fighter 4Guilty Gear XX#RMelty Blood Act Cadenza